YouTeam, Co-founder and CEO

Yuriy Riphyak

About speaker:
Yuriy Riphyak, a serial entrepreneur, founder of the staff augmentation marketplace YouTeam, Y Combinator alumnus, and a mentor at YC Startup School. YouTeam has helped more than 600 developers from Eastern Europe and Latin America get projects from global technology companies.

Presentation topic:
The Future of Work is Contracting (UA)

More about presentation:
1. The rise of the gig economy and contract-based work.

The most efficient way for businesses to adapt to the ever-changing environment is by relying on on-demand expertise, seamlessly “plugging” and “unplugging” contractors based on the specific skills they require.

2. Why job security is a top priority.

The future of work is a model that balances companies' preference for on-demand skills with candidates' inherent need for steady income and protection against unexpected contract loss.

3. Digital hiring platforms and marketplaces.

Technology is the intermediary that connects companies with dedicated contractors and streamlines the process of hiring, vetting, and managing software engineering talent.

4. Changing key hiring criteria.

IT consulting firms and talent platforms need to adapt their hiring practices and criteria and foster a culture of fast learning to effectively leverage the expertise of contract workers.