JetSoftPro, Chief Executive Officer; CreatorIQ, Advisor To Chief Executive Officer

Sergiy Kharytonov

About speaker:
I started professional career in IT at 1989 from HW micro-Chips development, through IT infrastructure maintenance&support, to SW engineering, software development, system analysis & architecture design, business analysis, project & program management, IT consulting and till top level strategic & visionary positions of CEO/CTO/CIO in IT industry.

In my practices I widely used different processes & methodologies depending on domain, type of the projects, developers' skillsets & expertise, required calendar schedule, based on Waterfall/RUP, Agile/SCRUM/Kanban/Lean & their modifications, as well as providing organizational, SDLC, PDLC, ITIL & BPM Consulting, BSC/KPI development & implementation.

My recent focus was related to operational processes effectiveness & IT org-structures re-building, financial effectiveness, budgeting & strategic management decisions, ROI/CBA, cost & expenses effective reduction, enterprise level frameworks & platforms, big-scale complex applications implementation & support, infrastructure optimization, business & enterprise architecture development, recent mobile & IoT technologies usage & implementation, SOA/RESTful/SaaS/ESB implementation, public & private cloud, BigData & DataScience technologies building & implementation as well as operating infrastructure support for large enterprises in retail, telecom & banking, BPMN/BPEL, its optimization & automation.

I also dealt with university teaching, training, coaching & mentoring practices in the past, working in Lviv Polytechnic University, Corporate Universities and continuously on Working Places with sub-ordinaries.

Presentation topic:
IT company operating in time of IT crisis (UA)

More about presentation:
This conflict is full of uncertainties for the whole world. The news follows each other with high speed, and the long-term consequences are still quite difficult to determine. Currently, most technological leader companies carefully observe how the conflict develops and take action as the situation evolves. The consequences for the global IT sector are still not very clear. Still, if history has taught us anything, it is that wars in Europe always affect the entire planet including IT. Let discuss and see the possible impacts global IT crisis brought in 2023 and variants of mitigation of this negative influences onto the every local company in Ukrainian Outsource.