JetSoftPro, Chief Executive Officer;
CreatorIQ, Advisor To Chief Executive Officer

Sergiy Kharytonov

About speaker:
I started professional career in IT at 1989 from HW micro-Chips development, through IT infrastructure maintenance&support, to SW engineering, software development, system analysis & architecture design, business analysis, project & program management, IT consulting and till top level strategic & visionary positions of CEO/CTO/CIO in IT industry.

In my practices I widely used different processes & methodologies depending on domain, type of the projects, developers' skillsets & expertise, required calendar schedule, based on Waterfall/RUP, Agile/SCRUM/Kanban/Lean & their modifications, as well as providing organizational, SDLC, PDLC, ITIL & BPM Consulting, BSC/KPI development & implementation.

My recent focus was related to operational processes effectiveness & IT org-structures re-building, financial effectiveness, budgeting & strategic management decisions, ROI/CBA, cost & expenses effective reduction, enterprise level frameworks & platforms, big-scale complex applications implementation & support, infrastructure optimization, business & enterprise architecture development, recent mobile & IoT technologies usage & implementation, SOA/RESTful/SaaS/ESB implementation, public & private cloud, BigData & DataScience technologies building & implementation as well as operating infrastructure support for large enterprises in retail, telecom & banking, BPMN/BPEL, its optimization & automation.

I also dealt with university teaching, training, coaching & mentoring practices in the past, working in Lviv Polytechnic University, Corporate Universities and continuously on Working Places with sub-ordinaries.

Presentation topic:
Successful negotiation practices with potential clients in time of war (UA)