International Sales and Pitch Coach

Peter Kaufman

About speaker:
Peter helps Ukrainian Founders, Executives, and Sales Reps to Speak with Confidence, build Relationships with US/UK Partners, and close deals faster. He has worked with companies ranging from small startups, to Unicorns like PandaDoc.

Presentation topic:
Selling Premium Deals with the Unrefusable Offer Framework (EN)

More about presentation:
Imagine you've been talking to a US CEO about a $100k package for 6 months. Every meeting seems to be going well, but he keeps pushing the timeline back. You seem stuck, how to create urgency and move forward, without pushing him away?

In this workshop, you'll learn the Unrefusable Offer Framework, which gives you a "GPS system" for escalating conversations with any decision makers, getting deals closed faster, and at a premium price.

This method has been used to close a $5M deal in 2 weeks (after 8 months of delays), as well as create a 40% win-rate on upsells for a Ukrainian SaaS company.

Whether you want to close your personal best deal, or just get more out of existing clients, this workshop will give you everything you need to see a revenue boost in just a few weeks.