Digital Hiring, Founder

Natalia Folgina

About speaker:
• Founder of the recruitment agency Digital Hiring.

• Ex-HRD of Eldorado and Citrus.

• 15+ years of experience in business: IT, Retail (food, non-food), E-commerce, Distribution, Television, Agro, FMCG, Financial sector.

Presentation topic:
General state of IT talent market (UA)

More about presentation:
• Global and Ukrainian crises in IT: a crisis for some, a boon for others.

• Where there is still work (crossed out) money.

• Exploring the similarities and differences in the IT markets of Ukraine, the EU, and the US.

• Adapting solutions as times change Flexibility as a means to survive and thrive.

• Anticipating the recovery of the IT sector: What indicators to watch for?