Independent Sales Expert

Igor Shaposhnikov

About speaker:
Over 25 years in local and international business development. Experienced executive and entrepreneur, proficient in sales, teams and businesses building. People’s person. Problem solver.

Presentation topic:
To Niche or Not to Niche - A Farewell to OneStopShop outsourcing (UA)

More about presentation:
• Expertise Amplified: Niche outsourcing breeds specialists, magnifying their skills.

• Laser-Focused Efficiency: Niche providers allocate resources precisely, amplifying efficiency.

• Tailored Triumphs: Niche outsourcing crafts custom solutions for unique needs, ensuring triumphant results.

• Time Turbocharged: Specialized providers excel, delivering projects at lightning speed.

• Quality Reigns Supreme: Niche outsourcing emphasizes excellence, leaving quantity in the dust.

• Synergy Unleashed: Niche providers foster flawless collaboration, fueling success.

• Specialization Savings: Niche outsourcing slashes costs by focusing on what they do best.