XQL Group, Founder

Danylo Fedirko

About speaker:

B2B маркетинг консультант. 8 років в маркетингу, працював з 20+ ІТ аутсорс компаніями.

150+ маркетологів і CEO компаній пройшло його курс по маркетингу в ІТ.

Presentation topic:

Leveraging AI in SEO and optimizing for SRE (ChatGPT and Bard) (UA)

More about presentation:

• AI in content creation: Real-world examples with data from our case studies of using AI for SEO content writing.

• AI in content optimization: Strategies that help quickly optimize your content with AI. 

• Decoding SRE: Understanding the mechanics behind AI-driven Search/Response Engines like ChatGPT and Bard and how to be included in the company recommendations they provide.