Linkup Studio, CEO

Andriy Sambir

About speaker:
Known as a leader and entrepreneur with tech expertise. I'm guided by the idea that whatever you do, you should:

a) do it as good as you can

b) be convinced that your result really matters

Passionated by this, in my 20 I founded and led Linkup Studio, product-driven software development & design company, that today works with large customers from around the world.

I find it important to share the experience I have gained over 10+ years of working on digital projects. So, for several years now I have been a lecturer at Lviv Polytechnic University for technical students.

Recently - I host a podcast "Building Digital Products", where we discuss technologies that can boost customer businesses here and now.

In addition to the above, I'm a husband, father, and in my spare time - a Lego-lover.

More in my posts, interviews, and podcasts😉

Presentation topic:
Помилки невеликих ІТ компаній, що можуть зупинити злиття або придбання іншою компанією (UA)

More about presentation:
• Що цікавить покупця при оцінці невеликої ІТ компанії

• Типові системні помилки фаундерів

• Як стати привабливішим для злиття із продуктоорієнтованою компанією