Head of Marketing and Business Development

Andrii Burlutskyi

About speaker:
Andriy Burlutskyi, Head of Marketing and BizDev for SaaS products and AI solutions

A Fan of Our Future, IT Showman, Entrepreneur.

16 years in the IT business, 10 of them at Microsoft. Built marketing, launched sales, products and convinced that technologies are useful and amazing.

Expert in digital transformation and the development of exponential organizations (EXO), business innovations, AI in business and change management in technology projects.

Speaker of leading conferences: iForum, DataScience UA Conference, Forum Marketing Directors, Digital Evolution Forum Microsoft, Kiev International Economic Forum and others.

Guest speaker at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, Kyiv School of Economics and DTEK Academy.

Presentation topic:
Going beyond ABM: power the client buying journey using AI and ChatGPT technologies (UA)

More about presentation:
• Account-based marketing (ABM) has been a popular B2B marketing strategy but has limitations.

• AI and ChatGPT technologies can help power the client buying journey beyond ABM by providing personalized, engaging, and timely interactions at scale.

• AI can analyze many sources to identify patterns and insights informing the buying journey.

• Next-gen marketers can unlock previously unimaginable possibilities with AI and improve efficiency by delivering on-demand content at higher quality levels than ever before.

• Your ABM MarkTech stack should transform together with the marketing team's skills.