Leobit, CEO/Founder

Oleksa Stelmakh

About speaker:
Oleksa Stelmakh is CEO and founder of Leobit. He has been in IT for more than 20 years and has been working in the biggest Ukrainian outsourcing companies in different engineering, project management and delivery leadership positions. In 2014 he founded software development and outsourcing company Leobit that has shown tremendous growth and has reached 170 employees in 2022. Leobit is MS Gold Certified and ISO 27001/9001 certified company that has helped its customers to launch several unicorn startups, has been named #1 in Lviv and in Ukraine by DOU and Leading B2B company by Clutch multiple times. Leobit is a company of smart and mature people founded on shared vision and strong values. Since 24st of February they have donated more than $200'000 to support our army, Ukrainian funds and volunteer initiatives. Our #1 priority for now is the victory of Ukraine against ruZZists, but at the same time we continue to extend our presence and grow our business in spite of the war.