O-CMO inc., CEO, Founder

Yaroslav Lehenchuk

About speaker:
Key achievements: launched 1 SaaS, 2 international projects - eCommerce & travel-education, 1 non-profit, had 1 exit.

• I have increased sales from 0 to 120k$ ARR for eCommerce in 12 months.

• I have connected 40+ Ukrainian entrepreneurs with Polish startup ecosystem, investors, government officers, and 100+ local startup enthusiasts.

• In one year’s time a small startup reached a leading position in Ukrainian CRO SaaS market with major e-commerce market players as customers.

Presentation topic:
Маркетинг сервісної ІТ компанії з 0 сьогодні. З чого починати? (UA)

More about presentation:
• Головні концепції, що вже не працюють

• Моделі побудови маркетинг команди

• Fractional marketing – що це?

• Канали і концепції