Leobit, CEO, Founder

Oleksa Stelmakh

About speaker:
• Over 20 years in IT, from the role of Developer to Architect, PM, PMO Coordinator, and Delivery Director at the biggest Ukrainian company.

• Solo founder and CEO of Leobit (www.leobit.com), a software development and outsourcing company with headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine, and on-site presence in Austin, Krakow, & Tallin.

• The company has grown to 170 people from 3 people in 2015 to 170 people in 2022.

• The company and its employees have donated more than $350,000 to support the Ukrainian army and volunteers.

Presentation topic:
Scaling of IT Outsourcing Company: From 1 to 100 and from 100 to 200 (UA)

More about presentation:
1. The function of the fastest growth possible

2. The fastest growth for different CEO maturity

3. Similarities and differences of companies and their approaches

4. Mixing the strategy, values, luck & magic

5. Changes & restructure during the lifecycle of your company growth

6. Limits (ceiling) on different stages

7. Catalyst & inhibitor

8. How are you different?

9. Indispensable traits: leadership, negotiation, flexibility, common sense

10. Top things we do wrong and how to fix it

11. The founder(s) impact & Blocker #1 - the founder(s)

12. Scaling during the war