SPsoft, Founder and CEO

Michael Lazor

About speaker:
I'm a growth hacker, a technical advisor and an equity partner with several startups in Silicon Valley. I own SPsoft which helps startups to create and take to the market their first MVP and accelerate their grow further on. I also provide the Fortune clients the capability which is critical for survival nowadays: to innovate and move fast which they sometimes lack as they become bigger.

I'm passionate about growth hacking and sharing my expertise with startups and RnD teams so they can avoid common pitfalls and mistakes when building their MVPs, innovating and accelerating their roadmaps. As a innovative technology boutique i let my clients leverage the best combination of in-house and global talent, win and lead in the digital world of the new norm.

With more than 20 years in the industry, and a number of failures, successful exits, and numerous teams built - I offer leadership in solving some of the most challenging business puzzles with people * technology. More than a dozen clients would be happy to jump on a call and explain why paying premium pays off when dealing with me and my team.